Danielle Parsons

Art Portfolio

Danielle Parsons is a Los Angeles and New York City based artist and filmmaker whose work renders the invisible visible through a practice that embraces the gamut of microscopy. Her video art has exhibited at museums and galleries including the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, IFP New Media Center, Los Angeles Public Library, and the SPRING/BREAK art show. Danielle’s science films have screened at the Imagine Science Film Festival, Goethe Science Film Festival, and the Infinity Festival, among others. Danielle is the founder of Wonder Science, a creative studio and streaming app available on Roku and wonderscience.com, with programming that combines science, art, and mostly synth music to invoke mindfulness and curiosity. Danielle directs music videos, and creates concert visuals for bands including Metallica. She has produced and directed content for outlets such as the History Channel, Disney, WIRED, NPR, BBC, and Slate. A graduate of Harvard University, Danielle drew inspiration from scientists E.O. Wilson and Stephen Jay Gould. Her interests in nature and film have brought her to far flung places, from Kazakhstan to the Galapagos Islands. She is the recipient of a New York State Council of the Arts Filmmaker’s Grant, and a PBS / WGBH Producers Academy Scholarship. Danielle is a two-time winner of the NIKON Small World in Motion Award for video microscopy, a member of the Microscopical Society of Southern California, and serves on the Board of Managers of the New York Microscopical Society.

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